Why I Did A Social Media Purge

None of us are strangers to following an ex, frenemy or that annoying person that played their music too loud in residence on literally every social media platform we can find them on. But I’ve recently realized how toxic it is to constantly seek out that kind of content. I broke up with my ex for good reason…  so why do I still need to see every unflattering photo he posts or tweet he sends out? She was a bad friend that was never there for me when I needed her... Do I care what outfit she wore to the bar last weekend?

Cue arguably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while – a massive social media purge.

It seems like a silly, insignificant step in self-growth but now that I understand what a positive impact a social media purge can have – I’d argue the opposite. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all play massive rolls in our lives. We never truly disconnect, we never truly lose touch with a person. Majority of the people that have ever been in our lives are just a quick search away. I started to realize that maybe that’s not necessary.

So, I started saying buh-bye to people I haven’t seen since high school. The people I haven’t seen since grade 10 English – delete. F**kboys of semesters past - gone. That one, weird friend-of-a-friend that always sends you game requests on Facebook - outta here. These little changes helped to de-clutter my social media feeds, but the true positive change was a bit more difficult. Exes – of the friend or romantic variety are hard to part with. Whoever they were, even if things ended badly, it’s okay to acknowledge that they meant something to you at one point or another. So, be it for nostalgic or petty reasons (no judgement), we hang onto them on social media. I’m here to remind you that moving on is a process that is important to fully embrace! Unfollowing that person in these situations is just as important as getting rid of their sweater or putting away that picture of you two. Constantly seeing, or seeking out a person that did you dirty isn’t healthy, trust me, I used to be a top-tier social media stalker.

The first few seconds after hitting the unfollow button of a recent ex were nerve-wracking, I’ll admit it. But even as soon as a few days later I already noticed how much better I was feeling. No more untimely reminders of what they’re doing, or random fits of jealousy or sadness. Purging my social media has really been an amazing step for me in letting go of people and relationships that didn’t have a positive effect on my life.

For example, if you have a pair of shoes that fit poorly – too loose here, pinch and give you blisters there, do you keep them? Hell no! So why continue to follow the human embodiment of that shoe on Instagram? Deleting people on mass has reminded me that in certain situations, being selfish is a good thing. I am allowed to outgrow and move on from certain people and relationships and it’s for the best. I am allowed to focus on myself and what I need, instead of what is socially acceptable.

So, guys and gals, taking the time to go through and refocus your social media is something I seriously recommend. It’s almost 2018… who cares about follower ratios anymore? Get rid of that fake friend from 2015 – if you knew it was for the best to cut them off IRL… get rid of them on social media! We live in an era where social media can be a tool not only to share your life and keep in touch with people, but you can tailor it to inspire you. Follow that lifestyle blogger or fitness model or foodie account that you love. Social media can expose you to things that you’re passionate about and that will empower you. Leave the obsessive late-night stalking sessions in the past. It’s important for your mental and emotional wellbeing to take those negative influences out of your life, and focus on the things and the people you care about.

Happy unfollowing, unfriending, and blocking!