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What Working While Being in School Teaches You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

As a student in elementary school, I never imagined myself working a part-time job while studying. Not a lot of people in my family did this. Everyone’s parents would provide for them till they graduated and went into the working world ( pretty great life, right). However, as I began to grow up and watched my friends get part-time jobs, I decided to think about doing the same.

During the summer of grade 12, I got my first real job in a pet resort, taking care of animals while their owners went off for vacation. The job was physically demanding, but I remember getting paid every week and loving the feeling of seeing money in my bank account. I felt super independent because I no longer had to ask my parents to buy things for me and could make my own decisions.

When money started accumulating in my bank account, I decided that I needed to budget. It was so easy to swipe my card and not realize how much I was spending each week. I used an app called Mint (that I still use to this day) to track my expenses. With this app, I was able to set goals on how much I wanted to save each month and where I would allocate my money.

Overall, I’d say working during school is a great way to become independent and learn how to budget. I made many contacts through the various jobs I’ve done over the years. It’s also helped me to build essential skills such as time manage, giving interviews and working in a team setting. I encourage everyone to get a low-demanding job either during school or the summers, as it builds crucial skills needed to succeed as a person in the world outside of the university.

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