Top 5 Places to go to in London, England

1. The London eye

         I think this is a given for anyone thinking of travelling to London. From the top of this 45 minute 'Ferris wheel ride' you are able to see the entire city. It really gives a great indication of where everything is in the city and how far apart every sight actually is. When I first got to London, I went in with the assumption that everything worth seeing was a 5 minute walk from each other ... I was so wrong. I would highly recommend buying tickets in advance so you don't have to wait through the long lines for this popular ride! 


2. Brick lane 

         If you get the chance to hit brick lane for some Indian food, you will not be disappointed. It's one of the best known places in the world for Indian food. There are also tons of restaurants to choose from and plenty of shopping in the surrounding area so there is something for everyone. The markets are usually only open on weekends so make sure to check online if that is something you're interested in!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Received from

3. South bank

         Walk along The River Thames with sights of the London bridge and the London eye. There are tons of restaurants along the board walk, as well as pop up shops. South bank always has something going on whether it be festivals or fairs. It's a great place to go for dinner that can guarantee something to do after as well!

                                                                                                                                                                                          View from South Bank


4. Buckingham palace

         I think for most tourists, this is one of the top places to see while in London. It is every bit as amazing as you'd expect. I spent the afternoon sitting in the center on a set of steps taking in the entire building while a marching band played and I was not disappointed. Definitely worth the trip!


5. The Globe Theatre

         Even if you are not one to be interested Shakespeare or the theatre I promise you'll have fun. It's an experience like no other, my only recommendation is to get tickets early and purchase seats as opposed to standing. While it is tradition to stand at the globe, it makes for a very long show. Seats would definitely make it worth while!