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Summer 2018: Ontario Road Trips

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

Summer is fast approach toward us, and with 4 months of freedom either there are so many different possibilities. Summer road trips are always a fun adventure to do with friends, but road trips don’t always need to be the across Canada. There are many possibilities within Ontario for many great road trips.

Wasaga Beach

This trip is always a fun one! On a nice, warm, sunny summer day who doesn’t want to go to the beach? Wasaga Beach is located in Simcoe County, which is about a 40 min car ride from Barrie. The beach is 14 km long sandy beach that is in Nottawasaga Bay. The best tip of advice for visiting Wasaga in the busy summer months is avoid beach 1 and 2 since they are usually packed with tourists. Try beach 4 or 5 for a generally more private and quite beach day.


Sauble Beach

Named after the French word sauble meaning sand, Sauble Beach is located in the south Bruce Peninsula on Lake Hurons eastern edge. Sauble beach is located 218 km northwest of Toronto, which only tends to be a 3 hour drive from Toronto with good traffic conditions. At 11 km long, it is the world second longest freshwater beach after Wasaga Beach. Known for its beautiful sunsets, amazing swimming, phenomenal sand bars, and much more. Be sure to do your researcher before going as Sauble Beach hold many different events throughout the summer.



Want to try some amazing Fish ‘N Chips? Or explore Northern Ontario? Pack a bag and grab some friends and head to Killarney. While still in the Sudbury district, Killarney is located 119 km from Sudbury and is home to a large wilderness park The Killarney Provincial Park. Known for it majestic landscapes, hiking trails, kayaking and canoeing, camping, and boating scene, there is so much to do in Killarney. Go and hike the Crack, visit the Killarney Mountain Lodge, and eat world class Fish ‘N Chips.


Algonquin Park

Located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay, Algonquin Park is a great weekend road trip. The park is considered to be the boarder between Northern and Southern Ontario, and for comparison the park is about one and half times the size of PEI. Algonquin park tends to have good weather through out the summer and even into the early fall and is a very popular camping site. Known for its unique forest, amazing camping, beautiful landscape, canoeing, flourishing wildlife and history Algonquin Park is a great place to explore this summer.


Manitoulin Island

This beautiful Island in Lake Huron is located 174 km away from Sudbury. Manitoulin Island has many lakes of its own and is surround by the beautiful water of Lake Huron.  Come learn about native culture, visit Little Current, Providence bay, Kagawong and so many other amazing places with rich history. Known for its unique spinning bridge, boating culture, hiking, canoeing, Bridal Veil Falls, and so much more. Hope on the Ferry and go explore the North Channel.


Road Trip Tips 

1. Stay safe and keep in touch daily with your family

2. Check your vehicle

3. Make sure you have a first aid kit, and emergency road side kit in your car

4. Clean your car before and during your trip

5. Plan your route and have a back up plan

6. Pack a lot water and snacks

7. Bring a real map and sharpies

8. Bring blankets and pillows

9. Bring a spare key

10. Talk to locals, they know the best spots

11. Bring entertainment

12. Bring CDs and Download music


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