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Small Ways To be More Eco Friendly this Fall

Snow has officially fallen and while we each try to make the best of this (arguably) dreadful weather, it can be easy to slip back into non-eco-friendly habits. Convenience allows us to forgo certain good habits we employed during warmer weather, but it is important to try our hardest to be just as eco-friendly during the cold. Here are just a few ways to prioritize being eco-friendly and having a positive impact upon the environment. 


1. Correctly sorting Holiday Waste


Knowing how to sort Christmas/Holiday is a key to being eco-friendly. It is imperative to separate the waste from the recyclables, and avoid getting a citation for improperly sorted waste. Some common unsorted items are wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel, and Christmas lights all go in the waste/black bin. Greeting cards and tissue paper both belong in the compost bin, and any brown gift bags or packaging paper both go in the recycling bins. 


2. Reusable Mugs


A big part of the cold months is indulging in warm drinks like tea and hot chocolate, but it can become very wasteful to use a new disposable cup each time. Instead of asking for a cup every time, opting to carry a reusable mug or thermos is a much eco-friendlier option. Also, on campus restaurants like The Bullring offer incentives to people who use their reusable mugs, which is just another reason to use one!


3. Shopping Second Hand


Although it can be nice to buy new sweaters and pullovers for the fall, it is a lot more sustainable (and cheaper) to buy second hand sweaters. Guelph has great second hand and consignment stores at your disposal, and they all offer sweaters with just the right amount of worn-in-ness. It doesn’t hurt to look at these second-hand stores, as you may just find a hidden treasure. And if you’re wary or it’s your first-time shopping second hand, take a friend with you!


These are only a few of the many ways you can have an eco-friendly winter. I invite you to do your own research and learn how you can be sustainable all year round. Stay warm out there Gryphons!


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