A Single’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Along with New Years, Valentine’s Day is one of the most dreaded holidays of the year for singles. With kissing couples and hearts everywhere, it may make some individuals feel lonely. But the purpose of this day isn’t to isolate those without a significant other, but to share our affections with loved ones. It’s not an excuse to feel sorry for yourself and there’s so many ways you can make this a positive day! Follow my tips below to ensure you’re getting the most out of this holiday.

Treat Yourself


Have a spa day, go shopping, or pop in a movie and relax! This is a day about love and what better way to celebrate than to love yourself? Since you won’t have to stress about planning something special for a partner, you can focus on what makes you happy and do that instead. 

Gather Your Friends

Single or not, hanging out with your friends is the best therapy a girl can get. Have a nice dinner together or plan a night out of drinks and dancing. You won’t feel alone surrounded by your pals and you get to spend more time with people you love. 

Spend Time with Family

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I want to spend time with my family. Making cookies with my mom and then a board game with my dad and siblings would be the best Valentine’s Day I could think of. Just make sure you’re prepared to dodge the infamous “are you seeing anyone?” questions if you have nosey parents.