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Self-Care You Should Do Everyday

1. Skincare

This is for everyone. Get into a skincare routine. Double cleanse. Moisturise. Look after your skin!



2. Get into a morning routine

Take a few minutes for yourself every morning and start your day off right. Even if it’s just your coffee and bagel, find a morning routine that works for you.



3. Exercise

Even if it’s just a fifteen-minute walk through the Arboretum or walking from downtown instead of catching the bus, getting your body moving in some way will make a world of difference in the long run.



4. Talk to people

Even if it’s just talking to your roommate or calling home, make sure to connect with someone every day. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, either. And on the flip side, ask your friends how they’re doing.



5. Laugh

Laughter’s the best medicine, dude. Watch an episode of Brooklyn 99 or a vine compilation. It’s for your health.



6. Unplug 

Yeah, I’m serious. Even if it’s just for an hour before bed, put your phone on airplane mode and forget about your group chat or how many likes your Insta post has. It’ll help you sleep better and improve your mental health.


Do it for the dog if nothing else. 


Dominique is an Australian journalism student currently on exchange at the University of Guelph. She has previously worked as the editor of her Australian university's magazine and as an intern at Style Magazines. She's passionate about clean skincare, books, food and travel. You can find her on Instagram @dominiquetassell or check out her blog at www.dominiquetassell.com