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Products for your time of the month

Periods and tampons and The DivaCup, oh my! Selecting the right product or products to use during your period can be challenging. It’s important to pick protective items that will stop leaks, because cleaning blood out of your underwear can be messy and time consuming, but equally important to pick items that feel comfortable, don’t contain chemicals, and are good for the environment to minimize waste. These are a few descriptions of some products you may or may not have heard of that can help during your next period!

1. Pads

These are pretty self-explanatory, and sold in various grocery and drug stores. They come in a range of shapes, thicknesses and sizes, and can be preferable because they’re relatively easy to change. However, pads can also lead to leaks if they’re too small or shift throughout the day. Some companies also create extra long pads or pads with adhesive strips on the sides to stick to your underwear to prevent leaks.

2. Tampons

Tampons are placed directly into the vagina to soak up menstrual blood, and may also be used with a pad during the first few days of heavy bleeding. It’s especially important to ensure that tampons you use don’t contain harsh or irritating chemicals, and fit comfortably. Tampons may be preferable to pads if you are a swimmer, as they can be worn while swimming. Tampons should also be changed every few hours to prevent toxic shock syndrome, which is a serious illness that causes symptoms such as a high fever, rash, nausea/vomiting and pain. It’s also explained in further detail here: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/health-topics/hw140188.

3.  The DivaCup

This third option is slightly different than pads or tampons. According to their website, the DivaCup is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood, and they note that “If inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel your DivaCup…in most cases, the DivaCup will sit well below the cervix.” They also highlight that “The stem [of the cup] sits inside the labia, making it easier to reach during removal.” Their website additionally has tips on how to insert the cup and a helpful list of frequently asked questions about the product. The DivaCup may be an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious users, as it is reusable and washable rather than a product that’s thrown out into landfills.

4. Reusable Underwear

Reusable underwear includes unique absorbent fibres to soak up menstrual blood. This fourth choice may additionally be great for environmentally-conscious users, as similar to the DivaCup, it needs to be washed and used again rather than being thrown into landfills. Thinx is an example of a company that makes reusable underwear, and their website additionally has more information about their products and how to use them.


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