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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

Today, many women are leading the way and inspiring others to break out and be their own boss. In Ontario, one of the many organizations doing so is dōterra, known worldwide for their naturally sourced oils and the positive effects they have on daily lives. I got the opportunity to interview Susan Bursic, a Blue Diamond leader and Canadian Founder in the company to learn more about the effects of becoming your own girl boss.

Q. For those who don’t know, what is dōTTERA?

A. doTERRA is the world’s largest essential oil company! We are based out of Utah in the US, but our oils are grown and sourced all about the globe.

Q. What made you want to get involved in the business?

A. I was drawn to the business because I’m always sharing things that I like with the people in my life. I knew the oils were having an impact on my wellness and my family’s needs and knew that it was important to share what I was learning with others. I also was looking for something I could be a part of that I could do primarily from my home while raising my kids!

Q. Did you ever expect to get as far as you have?

A. In the beginning, I certainly couldn’t have fathomed the growth that I have experienced, but what most people don’t realize is that you just need to KEEP DOING the things you were doing when you started your business, and if you’re able to continue to connect with customers and duplicate leadership in others, the growth is endless.

Q. What has been your favourite aspect of having your own company? Has it changed your perspective on anything in particular?

A. My favourite part of having my own company within doTERRA is that I have complete creative control over my day and what I share. It is EXTREMELY important to me that nobody ever dictates my time with my family, and what I have created within doTERRA completely allows that. My perspective is that ANYONE can create income AND time freedom if they are open to working for it.

Q. What would you say to someone who wants to get involved/what advice do you have?

A. My advice to someone wanting to get involved in this type of work is to be 100% sure that you absolutely love and use the oils (or whatever product that company sells). It will NEVER EVER feel like work if it’s a product that is an authentic part of your day-to-day. My second piece of advice is to create a sense of community and connection with your customers right away so that people feel like they are in a space with others who think like them, and to teach forward EVERYTHING you’re learning about the business and invite others to follow and jump in with you! This is a business that works on duplication so if you’re not able to teach and encourage people to do this with you, the growth takes a lot longer.

Q. What is your favourite product and what is it used for?

A. My favourite product hands down is Wild Orange essential oil. It is such an instant mood shifter for me if I am overwhelmed or stressed. I put a drop in my hands and take 3-5 deep breaths into my palms. It also works very quickly on my two little boys if they are crying or cranky! They use it the exact same way!

Q. What have you learned from your job?

A. Something I have learned from this job is that developing your mind is one of the most important pieces of growth. I don’t feel like I have anything to teach others unless I’m filling my brain with personal development. I spend a lot of time listening to personal development audio books and podcasts, and always look for the learnings that are relevant to my life and my leadership, and I look for ways to incorporate those topics into how I show up in my business.

Q. What are you most looking forward to this year?

A. Something I am most looking forward to this year is getting back to the basics of serving my existing customers and taking better care of teaching people about the oils. It’s very easy with a team of my size to get caught up in the leadership and development of others, but the part that will keep my business growing is my own ability to keep teaching about the oils and I’m excited to get back to the basics that first started my business 5 years ago!

Q. What are your top goals for this year?

A. My top goals for this year would include continuing to take good care of myself. I slip in and out of good personal self-care and that affects how I show up for others! It’s an ongoing goal and will always play a big part in my business, and I want to continue to be an example of how when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others!

Q. How does it feel to be your own boss and how does it empower you?

A. It’s the best feeling in the entire world to be my own boss! I realize that it’s not for everyone, but if you truly believe that you have value to add to the world, there are so many ways to make a really sustainable income by finding what you’re good at and sharing your story! It empowers me because I am always looking for ways to become someone who others look up to and to show them that they can also create a life that feels GOOD on THEIR terms!


Special thanks to Susan Bursic for taking time out of her busy day and answering my questions!

4th year English student at the University of Guelph