Netflix Features to Watch This Fall

Fall has begun, which means the ever-famous obsession with Pumpkin Spiced-Lattes and blanket scarves. It also means more shows and movies are added on Netflix (priorities).

October 12th, 2017 marked the day of the season 2 premier of Riverdale and oh boy was it ever filled with drama and romance! So many stories are unfolding, relationships are developing…and the love scenes get steamier every episode. This season is filled with more nail-biting cliff-hangers, and features a new mystery killer on the loose! Definitely a show to watch weekly this fall season, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday and get released to netflix on Thursday! 

On to movies, one that was recently added to Netflix was Patriot’s Day, which features Mark Wahlberg and outlines the traumatic events that occurred in April 2013 during the Boston Marathon bombing. The movie is an action-drama film that not only re-enacts the events that occurred on that sad day but also follows the terrorist manhunt for the two men responsible for the bombing. Patriot’s day was definitely a tear-jerker, but also emphasized the importance of love plays at a time of fear and sadness. The movie even ended with a very important quote, “there’s only one weapon you have to fight back with; it’s love. Love versus hate.” 

Another movie that has been added to Netflix is a Stephen King novel-based movie called Gerald’s Game. It is a drama-thriller film that features a middle-aged couple going on a vacation getaway to a cabin in the woods in hopes of spicing up their sex life. During their vacation stay, the husband tries something new sexually by hand-cuffing his wife to the bed, and while participating in a sexual act, he suddenly has a heart attack and dies. The film follows the wife trying to survive while she is strapped to a bed, with her husband dead beside her, while she is alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Moreover, this movie emphasizes just how powerful our brains our, as the wife begins hallucinating while fighting to stay alive. 

With the rainy cold days coming up this season, these movies and shows are perfect to watch when you feel like staying in! Don’t forget to wear those oversized sweaters ladies, oh, and fill up on those Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes! Happy Fall!