Need to boost your energy? Here’s a weird way to do it!

Last week I was at a restorative aerial class, which if you haven’t heard of these classes is like if yoga and acrobatics had a baby. So basically a lot of stretching, working with your body weight, and doing inversions and other activities with hammocks. The restorative class is more up-beat than yoga, but a few notches down from a hard-core fitness class. As I was saying, last week my instructor took the first ten minutes of class talk about how stress, specifically during this time of year, can really affect us internally. It’s important to acknowledge how our bodies react to stress because most of the time our bodies speak to us but we either ignore it or are not sure how to understand it. The instructor showed us a technique called the thymus thump. This simple method can help boost your body’s energy as well as relieve stress.



How it works: The thymus is a gland in our bodies that is just above the heart. It has a major role in our defense systems and is thought to help balance energy flow. By doing the thalamus thump, you are simply stimulating the gland- making it function more effectively. 

How to do it: Make a fist with you thumb positioned on top of you index finger- not across your fingers as if you’re making a fist to punch. This provides a flat surface for you to thump with. Next, locate you sternum and thump it with the flat surface of your fist. Do this for about a minute, thumping at a quick pace. Once this is done, inhale deeply and exhale. 


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