My favourite Fall Hot Chocolate Recipe

Finally, one of my favourite seasons has arrived: Fall. The time for long strolls around forest with coloured leaves, turtlenecks and cardigans, skirts with tights, beanies, pumpkin and apple picking and of course hot mugs filled with delicious stuff. My personal favourite is a hot chocolate. I love it with way too much whipped cream and rich delicious chocolate. As a true Swiss person, I get really picky, when it comes to anything connected with chocolate. So today I ’m going to share my favourite hot chocolate recipe with you:

♥    1 bar of dark chocolate (at least 65%)

♥    1 1/2 cups of milk

♥    ½ cup of cream

♥    1 large spoon filled with powdered sugar

♥    as much whipped cream as you want

♥  as many marshmallows as you want

  1. Break the chocolate bar into small pieces
  2. Heat up the milk, cream and powdered sugar in a small pot on medium heat until it starts to steam and turn off the stove
  3. Put the chocolate into the pot and stir slowly
  4. Fill the hot chocolate into big mugs and decorate it with whipped cream & marshmallows

With your heart filled with this delicious hot chocolate, every problem suddenly seems less frightening and every assignment less scary to write. You got this!