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How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19 and Not Let It Take Over Our Lives

The past two weeks have been nothing but short of overwhelming and it has definitely taken a toll on most of us. After classes being cancelled and everyone was forced to self-isolate, it made us anxious and a little worried about what the near future holds. As most of us can anticipate, the situation we’re all in right now will worsen over the next few weeks again, even a few days considering how fast everything is changing and we are unsure of how to go on about that. Here are some ways to keep our motivation and a positive attitude as we finish the semester and continue to be quarantined.

It’s important to not feel completely isolated while actually being isolated just so our mental state stays balanced and we continue to feel productive and positive. I think it is important to start off our days by getting outside for a little bit. This simply means going in our front yards or backyards for a little bit and getting some fresh air. If you start off your day being outside, your day will go by smoothly and you won’t feel as if you’re trapped inside.

Just so we make sure our days don’t go by completely wasted, especially now since our classes have gone online, it’s important to continue with your day as if you would if there was no quarantine. Continue to start your day bright and early and start doing work early in the day with breaks so you stay productive instead of worrying about COVID-19 and the worst possible scenarios.

Something that works for me is to write down lists of all the things that I want to accomplish, see and do during the summer so I have something to look forward to. This is great for maintaining motivation and helps me look forward to more ideal times that are ahead of me. Although, it may seem out of place now to think about those things by writing them down, it helps with getting through the day and looking forward!

It’s crucial for everyone now to keep our heads up high and not feel overwhelmed even though the situation makes it easy to get scared.

Mehak is a fourth-year biomedical science major at the University of Guelph.
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