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How to Help Your Immunocompromised and Chronically Ill Loved Ones During the Time of COVID-19

First and foremost, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm and not to panic during a time like this. A virus like COVID-19 can be scary and overwhelming, especially for the immunocompromised, elderly, and the chronically ill. I want to share with you all a couple of reminders that may help those who are vulnerable.  

Don’t Dismiss Preventative Measures 

Even though some might find it ‘over-reacting’, taking precautionary measures can be extremely effective for those with a weakened immune system. Socially isolating or asking someone else to do a grocery run can be more helpful than you may think.  

Offer Your Help  

Odds are, your immune system is better than the immunocompromised so offering your assistance right now can be extremely helpful. You could help with delivering groceries, take a pet on walks, offer to pick up medication or even to help clean their space.    

Check In On Those Who Are Homebound 

Everyone is experiencing stress and anxiety right now, it’s expected during a time like this. Pick up your phone and call, Facetime or text a friend. We can get lonely and scared being isolated at home, so being there for one another is key right now.  


Renee Alkass

Guelph '21

My name is Renee and I go to the University of Guelph! I am a third-year English major with a love for reading, writing, listening to music and cooking!
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