How to Feel Productive During Quarantine

Note: This is an article about how to feel productive, because I think that what “productivity” means is different to each person, how each person is feeling, the time of their life, whether they are having a good day or bad day, and so many other factors. During this incredibly unique time, it’s important not to hold yourself to others’ standards of productivity.


However, with that said, it’s can sometimes make us feel more motivated, happy, and you know… human, when we feel like we’ve been productive that day. So here are my top tips on feeling like you’re accomplishing things!


1. Make a To – Do list

Now this is a big one for me. On my to-do list, there are of course those tasks I need to get done related to my now-online schooling, however I add much more to my to-do list. Checking things off during the day really makes me feel like I’ve been a productive, fully functioning human that day. I add things like “shower” “go for a walk” or even “make lunch” to my to-do lists for the day. I’m going to be honest…I also will add tasks I’ve already completed, and I’ve been doing this since long before this pandemic. For example, if I remember part way through the day that I needed to send an email, I send it, then will add it to my list just so I can check it off. It’s nice to see a list of things you did that day!


2. Get dressed

This certainly helps with the whole feeling-human thing. You don’t need to put on your tightest jeans and a blouse, but honey change out of your pajamas. Not necessarily every day, PJ days can be great! But, on an average Monday through Friday, I seriously recommend Getting Ready. It works as a sort of time stamp of sleeping + relaxing has stopped and your day is getting started, because there’s obviously no arriving to campus or to work to give yourself a sense of really Starting Your Day.


3. Exercise

It makes you feel so much better when you move your body. I’ve been loving the live fitness classes on @gryphon_fitness on Instagram, as well as going out for walks and runs. There are also certainly tons of resources for at-home workouts online. Going for walks is a perfect way to move your body and get some fresh air, even if you’re not feeling motivated enough to do a full-on workout.


4. Do one house-task

I’ve been doing at least one cleaning-type task per day during this quarantine; whether it’s a load of laundry, cleaning the living room, vacuuming the floor, cleaning out the fridge, or sorting my dresser. It feels so nice to have a clean space, and it feels like you did something to care for your living space, which turns out to be a space that we are spending a lot of time nowadays. You can also add this task to your to-do list!


5. Make your Bed

This is a great way to ensure your day is off to an organized and positive start. You’ve already accomplished one thing, and you’ve just gotten out of bed! It makes your space feel cleaner, and helps lower the chances that you will decide to crawl back into bed for a while. Of course, you need some days in bed, but when we are trying to merge our home and work spaces, having the bed made helps you transition from rest to productivity.