How being the Hockey Girl is both Fun and Annoying

            Growing up my mom and dad both loved watching hockey. I would go to the arena with my dad to watch London Knight games to give my mom a break and soon two of my sisters started playing the game. I love the feel the hockey arena gives me because it has been such a massive part of my life. However, as I got into university the dreaded connotation of being a girl who likes hockey with being a puck bunny started to make me feel like I shouldn't like the sport.

            I’m friends with a lot of guys, so they get to see how excited I get when the Toronto Maple Leafs play. I can tell you any statistic you want to know about the players and have a book full of questions I would love to ask the players. That being said, there will always be that one guy who will come over and try to explain the rules of hockey to you as if you don’t already know, or think you are only paying attention to impress a guy. Sometimes I feel that if a person were to see me with my Auston Matthews jersey on- being unaware of my love of hockey- would feel ok poking and prodding at me because “why else would a girl like a mans sport?” Being a girl who likes hockey is not always easy and you have to stand up for yourself and defend your knowledge but it’s honestly the best feeling to watch your team win against their rivals and share their pain when they go on a losing streak.

            Currently, the Toronto Maple Leafs stand second in the Atlantic division below Tampa and are on the road Starting November 10th vs. Boston until the 16th against Anaheim.