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Great On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

We all know that one of the most important things during your time at university is building your resume. From academics to extracurriculars to volunteering, it can often feel overwhelming. Contributing to your community is important, but sometimes the search for a great volunteer opportunity can be difficult. I’ve made a list of a few amazing volunteer opportunities to help you hopefully find a fun and fulfilling position to make your resume stand out! 


CFRU is the University of Guelph’s very own radio station. They host radio shows of all genres and organize events on a regular basis. I have been working in their music library for the past year, and my job consists of sorting newly released music into the digital iTunes library. I’m currently volunteering digitally, which I really like because I was able to continue building my resume during COVID-19 times. Normally, though, you would be working in the CFRU studio, which is honestly my favorite spot on campus. Surrounded by CDs and LPs, the aesthetic of the place is amazing and the people are super friendly. They even host fun bonding events for volunteers every so often, so I highly recommend joining! Aside from working in the music library, there are a number of other positions to choose from. 

2. Project Serve

Project serve is a great volunteer program organized by the university and runs during both the fall and winter semesters. When you sign up you can choose to volunteer at several different places, and the best part is a large part of the student population participates. Aside from doing some great work you may make some friends too! 

3. First Response Team

This is a higher commitment volunteer opportunity, but an extremely valuable one. The campus has a first response team consisting of student volunteers who are each on call 4-5 times a month and respond to emergencies. I can imagine that this would look especially good on a resume if you are looking to apply to medical school in the future. 

4. Big Brother Big Sister Program

This wonderful program pairs university students with younger kids aged 5-16. You talk to them, plan fun activities, and more. Aside from getting your volunteer hours in you may also get a meaningful friendship out of it! 

5. SLG Leader / Peer Helper

SLGs are academic help sessions run for classes that many students traditionally struggle in, such as chemistry and statistics. During these sessions you recap concepts learned in class and take part in activities to further consolidate your knowledge. They are led by peer helpers, students who previously succeeded in the course. I highly recommend attending these sessions for difficult classes, and if you do well you can become an SLG leader in a later semester! 

Maaike is an international student from Curacao in her sophomore year at the University of Guelph. Originally from the Netherlands, she loves cats, grilled cheese and reading (and watching the movie adaptations!).If she could live anywhere, it would be on Broadway.
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