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Fun Things To Do In Guelph

NOTE: This article was written before the events of COVID-19 and has just been published now. This article does not suggest that you should go out and go against the self-quarantine measures. Stay safe, healthy, and follow the advice given from your local and federal health institutions. 

I find during second semester I generally don’t do as much activities, partly because of the weather and partly because I always find myself busier. However, when I do go out I tend to gravitate towards the same couple activities which I decided to share here! 

1. Play with Clay   

If you are someone who is creatively inclined, Play with Clay is a fun activity to do by yourself or with some friends. Located downtown, you can choose a piece of pottery to paint or mold and object of your own. With tons of options from plates to unicorn mugs it’s a great way to spend an evening or afternoon to unwind and relax.  

2. The Bookshelf  

Also located downtown is The Bookshelf, a bookstore with a movie theatre located upstairs. As a student you are able to receive a free membership which gives you 10% discounts on books and cheaper movie tickets. The schedules for the movies are found online, and it’s a great alternative to larger movie theatres if you are looking for independent style films in a cozy atmosphere 

3. Escape Room  

I recently went to my first escape room here in Guelph, and it was so much fun. It’s meant to be done in a group and the more people you bring, the cheaper it generally is. There are a couple escape rooms in Guelph, all with different room themes catered to different interests and experience level.  

4. Walk Through the Arboretum  

At least once a semester my roommate and I take a walk through the arboretum together. It’s a great place to catch up with some friends while taking a walk and getting some fresh air.  

5. Board Game Café  

If you are an avid board game fan, you should definitely check out a board game café! With a plethora of board games to choose from, you can have the perfect games night out. If you don’t feel like spending any money, you could also opt for an at home games night, the downtown branch of the Guelph Public Library has board games that you’re able to loan. 

6. Sunday Cinema 

Whenever I’m at university I find at the end of the semester I always end up with a list of movies I wanted to see but never saw because the movie theatre is so far away from my house and I don’t want to spend money on a movie ticket. Sunday Cinema is the perfect solution to both of these problems! Located on campus, Sunday Cinema features recent films which are free for students to attend. To see what’s playing next simply search Sunday Cinema.  

Rachel is a fourth year bio-medical science student at the University of Guelph.
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