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Four Tips for Presenting Your Research at an Academic Undergraduate Conference

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

1.     Practice, practice, practice


Rehearsing your presentation multiple times before you present it to an audience will only improve it. I also find it is best to try and present in a way that mimics how you will actually be speaking at a conference. For example, if you will be speaking standing up, practice talking about your research standing up! This is also beneficial if you have slides and would like to ensure that switching slides or transitioning to new visual depictions of research goes smoothly. I also find it helps to practice in front of other people, such as friends or roommates if you are able to. They can give you feedback and also help you feel more comfortable presenting your research in front of others.


2. Accept help if it is offered


Conference organization committees sometimes offer undergraduate participants the option to work with a graduate student or other mentor to help prepare their paper for the conference. If you are offered this opportunity, take it! Your mentor can offer plenty of helpful tips for presenting at your specific conference and will also be able to point out areas of your research that may need improvement.


3. Speak slowly


Presenting your research slowly can help you give a wonderful presentation. Speaking slowly will ensure that your audience understands you and what you are trying to say. But it can also help you appear cool, calm, and collected, which is always a bonus. I find that if I speak slowly, I tend to be more articulate and am able to clearly communicate what I want to say.


4. Have fun!


Finally, it is important that you have fun! Conferences can be a little nerve-wracking (especially if you are listening to everyone else’s outstanding research), but they are also amazing opportunities to meet interesting people and understand new perspectives.

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