Four things to do as soon as you finish your exams

1. Breathe


Taking a few deep breaths after you are finished all your final exams for the semester can help to decompress after all that studying, reviewing and writing.

2. Have some water


If you’re at all like me, the worry that comes with exams leads to your throat feeling like a desert. Drinking a little (or a lot) of water after you hand in your last exam can help you stay hydrated.

3. Make sure you have everything before you go home


Pencils? Pens? Your lucky eraser, and most importantly, student card? Sometimes it helps to double check that you took everything out of the exam room with you before you hop on the bus or walk home to sleep.

4. Celebrate!


This can be whatever you want it to be; watching movies on Netflix, hanging out with friends, or taking yourself out for dinner. You’ve worked so hard all semester and especially during the exam period; you’ve earned it!