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1. Do not over-water!

Many caring cactus owners give their prickly plants loads of water, but this only leads to problems. Cactuses can go for weeks without water; some only need to be watered about once a month to remain green and healthy! Also, watering your cactus with room-temperature or warm water is best, as cold water can shock its roots.


2. Let in the light

Cactuses need a lot of sunlight. This seems obvious, but it is easy to forget to put your cactus on the windowsill in the morning while you are rushing to find your keys, laptop, pencil case and lunch before you head to campus.

3. Make sure it does not get too cold

Like most people, cactuses prefer warmth to frigid temperatures. If they become too cold, they can appear withered. Removing your cactus from your windowsill before you go to bed at night will help ensure your precious plant does not get too chilly. It will be directly within your heated dwelling rather than near a cold window.


4. Consider a new growing space

Cactuses are also similar to people as they can grow rapidly. If your cactus is going through a growth spurt, it may be time to look for a bag of soil and a new pot at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. Repotting is best completed by filling your new, larger pot halfway with soil, gently placing your cactus inside, and then scooping additional soil around it. It’s also good to remember that cactuses are tough and can generally withstand more stress that their other houseplant cousins. When caring for a cactus, less really is more!

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