Five Feel Good Christmas Movies To Get You In The Festive Spirit

Since we are all staying in this Christmas, we might as well make the most of it! Below is a list of Christmas movies that you can cozy up to. Grab your fuzziest socks and your favourite warm drink and get watching.


1. A Bad Moms Christmas

A group of mothers band together and rebel against the exhausting tasks of Christmas, all while entertaining their nagging, overbearing mothers. This movie is entertaining, witty, and raunchy!


2. Four Christmases

A family feud drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughan, where their vacation gets ruined they are forced to spend Christmas with their divorced parents.


3. The Holiday

Featuring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, this rom-com follows the stories of two women who swap homes for the holidays. During their stay, they meet and fall in love with two local guys.


4. Let it Snow

This is a Christmas coming of age film where a group of high school students maketheir way through the holidays. From finding your true friends to falling in love, this movie will make you laugh, smile, and cry all at once!


5. Office Christmas Party

An office Christmas party gets wildly out of hand after the brand manager tries to impress a client in order to keep his business. This comedy will keep you guessing and will definitely make you laugh!