Dinners to make during exams


1. Scrambled eggs

This is one of my favourite dinners to make when I don’t really have time to cook! It just takes one or two eggs scrambled in a frying pan with olive oil, and you’ll have dinner in minutes. It’s also really nice with toast and some chopped veggies too.


2. Mac and cheese


Mac and cheese doubles as a comfort food and a great dinner to make during exams. It only takes half an hour at the most to prepare, even if you boil the noodles and grate the cheese yourself. 


3. Wraps

Wraps are a wonderful go-to exam food that can help keep you energized while studying and also won’t take too long to make! You can make them vegetarian, add leftover ground beef from last night’s dinner, scoop in your favourite sauce, or anything else you’d like. 


4. Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese (and tomato soup if you have the time) is the best exam food ever. It gives you that extra bit of protein to help your brain, and it can be prepared when you’re on a fifteen minute break. It also is a meal that doesn’t take a lot of dishes to make, so you won’t have loads to clean up at the end.