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Interested in crochet but you don’t know where to begin? Check out this list of tips and resources!

1. Having trouble with a crochet stitch? You can look it up on YouTube and find a video tutorial! When it comes to learning different crochet stitches and abbreviations, YouTube is your friend.  Some channels that you should definitely check out are:

 Crochet Guru https://www.youtube.com/user/CrochetGuru

And HappyBerry Crochet


Both of these channels have tutorial videos and playlists available.  

2. Check out the cute free and paid patterns available at http://blog.mohumohu.com. They are pretty easy to follow once you learn what the abbreviations for the different types of stitches are, and you can get through one while you watch a few episodes of your favourite show!

3. Create an account on the site https://www.ravelry.com

There are multiple users that share tons of free and paid crochet patterns, as well as patterns for knitting.  You can save patterns and projects that you like, follow other users, and there is also a section dedicated to yarn.

4. It is easier to use a metal crochet hook as opposed to a plastic one.  I say this because I have accidentally snapped one of my plastic crochet hooks in half.  If you plan to keep up with crochet as a hobby, I’d recommend purchasing a set of metal hooks in various sizes from your local department or craft store.

5. Use a stitch marker.  The ones that have look kind of like plastic safety pins. Just put one into the first stick of your row, and it will help you keep track of how many stitches you have done.

6. If you are planning to make crocheted toys for any younger children, make sure that you embroider the eyes and nose as opposed to using beads or buttons, as those can be a choking hazard.

Have fun taking up this wonderful hobby! You can make things for yourself, or even gift them to other people, especially with the holidays coming up!


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