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Listening to music while studying isn’t for everyone. For some people it increases creativity, reduces anxiety and stress, improves focus and helps with memorization. Here’s a few of the best playlists on Spotify that you can listen to while studying. No matter your taste in music, we’ve got you covered. Both the titles and pictures will link you to the playlists.

1. Chilled Hits

The name says it all. This playlist is full of chilled hits, with lots of recognizable artists.

2. Study Zone

Similar to the first playlist, this one has a bunch of relaxed songs by recognizable artists.

3. Study Vibes

This playlist is a bit more left of center, with artists I wouldn’t expect the average person to know. Some people say it’s better to listen to songs you don’t know the words to, so that could be a good thing!

4. Indie Sleep/Study

Definitely some recognizable artists in this one, with classic lazy day songs like Banana Pancakes. This playlist is also designed to be suitable as a sleep playlist, so it’s definitely super chill.

5. Study & Chill

This one is heavy on Oh Wonder songs, and honestly, I’m not complaining. This one stays true to its name and is a playlist I want to play on a lazy, chill day. 

6. Studying

This one is a bit of a throwback playlist, with plenty of recognizable hits to keep your spirits up while you study.


7. Instrumental Study

If you’re someone who can’t study to music with words in it, this one might work for you. It’s mostly piano, so if you’re into that there you go. 

8. Classical Music For Studying And Reading

This one is classical, with a few recognizable songs. Good for studying, good for dreaming about another life as a ballerina. 

9. Low Fi Hip Hop (Relaxing & Study Beats)

Not going to lie, this playlist kind of sounds like YouTube background music. But in a good way? Easy to tune out as some chill background noise. 

10. Electronic: Study No Words

This music is chill, but still super upbeat. Perfect if you already find studying too depressing to listen to sad songs at the same time. 

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