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7 Game of Thrones Gifs that Define Friendships

Here are 7 Game of Thrones gifs that truly describe the friendships and relationships you make during your university experience.


1. That look your best friend gives you when they know you can’t say no to them because you love them


2. When your “friends” don’t know that you’re aware that they’re simply using you, and they hang out with you just because you get your assignments done early and they want help:


3. That look you and your best friend give each other when you’re about to take an online quiz, and you know each and every one of the questions are designed to be a trap:


4. When the group finishes their assignment early and decides to get together and treat themselves:


5. When you’re swamped and ask your friends to help you out, but they refuse, even though you’ve helped them countless times: 


6. When your friends made plans without you, and you just find out about it:


7. That moment when you finally leave your best friend’s house after a week of staying over:

Emilie Kelly is the University of Guelph's Chapter Co-Correspondent! She is a Phase 1 OVC student who loves to spend her time with horses, cats, dogs, cows; you name it! (That does indeed make her an Aggie!) You can contact her in French, English, or even Japanese. 
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