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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

It’s no secret that most of us probably spend too much time on our phones, especially considering how much we are looking at a computer screen when we are working/learning from home. However – I have wanted to shift my focus from “stop going on my phone” to “be more mindful while on my phone”. I definitely love a good scroll on Instagram or TikTok, but I want to pay attention to how much time I am devoting to the things on my phone that don’t add much to my life. That being said – don’t completely stop using the entertainment apps, your entertainment is important too!! Here are some of my favourite apps that I am happy to open when I pick up my phone. 


1. Pinterest 

I love, love, LOVE getting inspo for DIYs, recipes, fashion, and more. My Pinterest is such a lovely and curated place, and I leave Pinterest feeling inspired, uplifted, and calm. Exactly the feelings you want after a little scroll! 


2. Stoic. 

This app has been a newfound favourite of mine. Each morning, afternoon, and evening you have activities to help you check in with yourself and curate your day. There are journal, breathing, and mindfulness exercises, and other activities based on your selected focus for the day, your mood, and your motivation. I highly recommend it! 


3. Notion 

Notion is a phone app that I love, but it’s also the perfect laptop app. I use it to curate lists like ‘books I want to read’ or ‘summer jobs to apply to’, take notes, and just organize my life! It’s been a great addition to my little app family. 


4. Google Calendar 

Okay, this is sort of a given – but Google Calendar has saved my butt a million times. I definitely recommend customizing your colours to make the calendar look cute too! 


5. Picture This 

This might be a little niche… but PictureThis is such a cute app! You can use it to photograph any plant and find out what it’s called, and even how to care for it in a garden or inside. It’s so fun to learn what the cute flower is on your walk or check what kind of plants are available at Walmart (especially when they don’t have the tags with info). 


Hope you enjoy my app recommendations! 

Megan is a 4th-year student in Biomedical Science at the University of Guelph. She loves ice cream and the colour pink (both probably at an unreasonable level of enthusiasm), and has no idea what to do with her life - so is open to suggestions!
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