4 Things to do this summer

Ever just sitting at home bored in the summer? I mean yes, most of us may take a summer course or work part time. But sometimes it’s great to kick back and do something fun in your down time. Here are some exciting things to try out this summer! 

1. Hiking 

Grab a few friends, some water bottles and snacks and take a hike in a forest. Sometimes tuning out the world and technology is a great way to connect with your inner self and realize what really matters in this world. It’s not about Instagram followers, or building your social status but about loving yourself and appreciating the people around you. 

2. Find a summer job 

Yes, we all like money. Having some cash flow this summer is a great way to ensure you’re not just blowing away money on small things like food or going out for meaningless shopping. So find a part time job. It doesn’t have to be your dream job or something you wanna work up in, just something easy on the side to get you extra cash. Not only are you making money, but work friends can be great because they understand you on another level. So see it as a way to socialize. 

3. Find a food festival 

Who doesn’t love food? Going to a food festival is another great way to spend time with friends and try out new foods together. Of course, you gotta be a foodie for this one and have somewhat of a large appetite. The good part about food festivals is that there’s a good amount of walking, so you digest that corn dog while walking to your next food booth. 

4. Create a healthy routine 

I like to have balance in my life. The semester can be rough and often takes a toll on my health. Especially during exam season. The summer is a great way to restart your body in terms of health. So create a routine to stay active and eat healthy this summer. It can be getting a gym membership, going on morning walks with your dog or even a new sleep routine. Another thing to try out are different diets that peak your interest. Most people have time in the summer and creating a routine is a great way to stay in check with your health!