4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

Fall is by far, the best season. Not only do you get to spend it with your friends since you're back in school, but it offers perks that the other seasons simply don't have. Here are the 4 reasons I enjoy this season so much! 

  • It's sweater weather!

The crisp wind and the cold mornings that make you sleep in and snuggle with a cozy blanket are the perfect excuses to wear sweaters. And by wearing sweaters I mean every day. Every. Day.

They're cozy, warm and stylish, which means there simply isn't a reason for you not to wear one. Ranging in colours, materials and overall being super cute, you can style a sweater with nearly every pair of jean or legging that you have in your closet. I wish I could wear sweaters all year, but alas, fall only happens once every year! 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from  Pexels 


  • Sugar and spice. And everything nice. 

Let me just say it outright- fall smells and flavours are just everything. From pumpkin spice, cloves, saffron, and allspice just to name a few, the distinct aromas of fall just make everything better. By buying fall themed hand creams, candles, and soaps, this alone can set you into a cozy and happy mood. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book, cup of tea, as well as a pumpkin pie flavoured candle slowly burning on your desk. 


  • 'Tis the season for warm tea

Have I ever mentioned how much I love tea? My obsession with tea is so bad that on average, I'll have 3 cups a day. One to help me wake up in the morning, one in the afternoon to give me that caffeine boost I need after a late lunch, and finally, an herbal tea before bed while I check my last text messages of the day. Fall is the time a year where no one will question the amount of tea you drink because everyone is cold and sleepy because of midterms. Plus, the fall seasonal Starbucks coffees and teas are finally back, which is the perfect treat to help you get through that rough Monday morning! 

Photo by  freestocks .org from  Pexels


  • It's cold, but not too cold. 

Coming from a town that is basically the North Pole compared to Guelph, I'm a creature that loves the cold. I don't enjoy the winter winds, or snow, but fall is the perfect temperature. It's just cold enough. It makes you appreciate snuggling up with your cat in the morning when you forgot to close your window overnight, but not hate yourself for having done so. Plus, have I already mentioned that it's the perfect excuse to wear sweaters?