4 Mystery-Thrillers That Made Me Love the Genre

“Mystery-Thriller” is one of my favourite genres because it is so versatile - a good mystery thriller is perfect for any time, any place. These 4 books made me love the genre: 


1. All the Missing Girls - Megan Miranda 

Two women, connected by the same friend group, go missing a decade apart. Now, the friend group has to sort out what really happened and which one of them is hiding the biggest secret. Told in reverse chronological order, ‘All the Missing Girls’ offers a fresh take on the mystery-thriller genre. Full of suspense and twists, you won’t be able to put this book down.  


2. Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson 

This book messed with my head for days after I finished it. It follows the story of a woman, Christine, who suffers from amnesia so severe that every day is a blank slate. Each morning she relies on her husband to tell her about her life, until one day she receives a call from her doctor with instructions to find her hidden journal. As she reads her journal, she begins to realize that the people closest to her may not have her best interests at heart. Every day is a race to read her previous day’s journal entries and write a new one before the whole day is lost again. It’s a book that makes you question the intricacies of personality and memories - who are we without our memories? 


3. The Death of Mrs. Westaway - Ruth Ware 

When Hal receives an inheritance letter that was clearly meant for someone else, she decides not to correct the mistake and use it to pay off her substantial debts. However, when she meets the family of the deceased and begins to unravel their complicated and dark history, she realizes she has bitten off far more than she can chew. A creepy, twisty read, ‘The Death of Mrs. Westaway’ is un-put-down-able!


4. The Last House Guest - Megan Miranda 

Switching from past to present, The Last House Guest follows a complicated friend group as they deal with the aftermath of their missing friend and try to get answers from the night she went missing. Full of suspicion, plot twists, and questions, ‘The Last House Guest’ is a riveting read!