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4 Must-Dos to Look Great After a Flight

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            We have all left a long flight feeling washed out, gross, and to put it simply, not very lady-like. You step outside after your flight, your face feeling dry and flaky. Trust me, we’ve all been there! But, that’s okay! I have a few tips that will help you leave you plane feeling refreshed and ready to start your trip.


1. Stay hydrated.

At high altitudes, the human body starts to become dehydrated for a wide variety of reasons. Breathing alone on a long flight can cost you a few liters at these high altitudes. When traveling, it’s common to have a tendency to not drink enough as we should since you’re not allowed to bring water through security. Most of the time, you’re in a rush to get to your flight on time and forget to grab some water. (Yet, there are also a million other reasons why you end up forgetting to grab a water bottle!). It happens! We just forget to take a minute to drink a glass of water, but water is your best friend!! After you get through security, buy yourself a water bottle or even better, bring a reusable one and fill it up past the security booth before your flight. On the flight, whenever the flight attendants come around, do your body a favour and ask for a glass of water. Your body needs it!


2. Keep your skin hydrated

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, your skin is going to pay the price. The combination of the dry air and improper water intake is going to have some negative effects on your skin. Acne prone skin may break out, sensitive skin may become irritated and oily skin may start to produce more oil than usual. In essence, different skin types will have different reactions to this situation. Try a hydrating face mask or a travel sized facial stray on your flight. Evian sells a very useful mineral spray. Next time you are at Sephora, grab a few of your favorite moisturizer samples, a hydrating facial mask or a face spray. They will help you and your skin feel amazing!


3. Pack your mini makeup

Touching up your makeup before your flight lands will allow you to step out of your flight looking refreshed. Keep your makeup very light and natural looking, don’t apply anything too heavy. Try tinted BB cream instead of a heavy foundation as you’ll be able to apply BB cream with your fingertips or a sponge if you prefer. A few must-haves to bring on you carry on are: BB cream, concealer, lip balm, mascara, an eyebrow pencil and some blush. If you are worried about applying makeup on the airplane, go check out a few YouTube makeup stars. Many YouTube beauticians have videos on how they keep their makeup fresh after a flight while having a lot of helpful tips! Simply make sure that whatever makeup you pack on your carry on is under 100mL or it will be confiscated.


4. Pack your mini makeup

This is by far, my absolute favourite find and I have never traveled without this handy little tool. After traveling for some time, eating airport and airplane food can cause your mouth and teeth start to feel a little gross. Crest sells these waterless to go toothbrushes that allow you to brush wherever and whenever you’re on the go! I even keep a pack of these brushes in my purse and in my backpack for everyday use. Just take a brush out of the pack and start brushing. Say goodbye to disgusting breath and that uncleanliness feeling in your mouth. They are inexpensive and extremely useful. You can usually find these quite easily at most local grocery stores, Walmart, Metro, etc. which makes them all the more convenient!

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