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4 Easy Ways to Give Old Jeans a New Look

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.
  • Patches

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An easy way to spice up an old pair of jeans is sewing on patches. Now, I know you’re probably thinking – “I don’t have patches, who has patches?” and I completely agree, who actually does just have patches laying around? I’m pretty sure the only patch I own is my level 2 swim badge, which I know is a grand accomplishment that most people haven’t achieved, but like, I don’t really feel like having it sown on my jeans. So, for those of you who don’t own patches, they’re actually super easy to find. A few examples of places to buy them at are thrift stores, craft stores, Walmart (I know I never knew that either), and online stores. Patches are pretty cheap too which makes the jean-makeover even better.

  • Decorated cuffs

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Adding some simple décor (like buttons, beads, or pearls) can make a big difference in a pair of pants. Rolling up the bottoms and adding some signature touches can make your old jeans look fresh.

  • Paint

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Roll up your sleeves and allow your inner kindergartener to come out because you can finally paint on your clothes!!! All you need is some paint from the craft store and you’re good to go! Maybe get the girls together and make it clothing craft night (sisterhood of the painted pants…?). Get artsy, go abstract, or maybe go for some individual logos and symbols. If you’re a talented artist, I would definitely suggest recreating a famous piece of art because my painted jeans would likely just have blobs and some more scattered blobs.

  • Net Nylons

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This one doesn’t necessarily require any alterations to your old jeans, but if those bad boys don’t already have holes in them, then give ’em some! Make as many as you want so that when you wear nylons, they’ll peak through – giving some more character to the outfit. Fishnets are popular to add some edge or you can even do coloured nylons, lace nylons. Honestly, the options are endless. It’s not a goodbye to those old jeans, it’s a see you later. 

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