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What You Should be for Halloween Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries- Firefighter

If you’re an Aries, consider dressing up as a firefighter this year for Halloween! The costume would match your fiery disposition, your confident leadership qualities, and your fun and cheerful attitude. This one’s easy to turn into a duo costume if you can find a friend who wants to be your dalmatian companion.


Taurus- Tinkerbell

Taurus- you should be Tinkerbell! You’re somebody who knows their worth and loves deeply, though you can sometimes exhibit jealous and possessive tendencies. You’re perfectly magical and you’d look effortlessly gorgeous with a high bun, wings, and a simple green dress. Throw in some of your typical eye rolls and you’ve got yourself a great costume. 


Gemini- Cat

This Halloween you should dress up as a cat! Gemini is a versatile, inquisitive, and fun-loving sign that is also very smart.  Just like a cat, your sign is known to exhibit a little bit of chaotic energy and to have a “love me but give me space” attitude. Keep the costume simple by just throwing on some ears and painting some whiskers last minute or make it super sexy with a skin-tight bodysuit. 



Cancer- Bunny

Cancers are known for being highly sensitive, enjoying cozy spaces, and generally avoiding conflict. If you’re a Cancer, your sensitive, comfort-seeking nature makes a bunny the perfect Halloween costume for you! Plus who doesn’t love a Mean Girls Regina George style bunny costume? “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.”


Leo- Barbie

Known for ambition, determination, and overall bravery, Leo is the best sign to parallel Barbie. Leos make awesome, loyal friends and totally exude boss-lady energy. Although Barbie’s official birthday shows that she’s a Pisces, I’m pretty sure that that’s a manufacturer’s error, because if they had thought it through she would definitely be a Leo. 


Virgo- Nurse/Doctor

Virgos have a reputation for being highly organized, smart and methodical thinkers. They also make great, supportive friends and are super resourceful. You should be a nurse or a doctor this year, Virgo! 


Libra- Vintage Icon

Paired to your exquisite taste and your social personality, you should be your favorite vintage icon for Halloween, Libra! Some good ones to consider would be Princess Diana, Diana Ross, and Marilyn Monroe. You exude high-fashion aesthetics all year round and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to kick it into full drive.



princess diana
Photo by John Mathew Smith from Flickr


Scorpio- Evil Queen

Scorpios are known to be  powerful, smart, manipulative, and sexy. They are definitely not to be messed with. Some evil queen type characters that you could definitely pull off this year include Maleficent, Ursula, and the evil queen from Snow White, Scorpio! These characters are all easy to tailor to your tastes and will totally embody your powerful and passionate energy. 


Sagittarius- Alice in Wonderland

Saggitarius, your sign is known for quick-witted humor and an endless drive for adventure. You should definitely make your costume fun this year! I’m imagining you as Alice or the Mad Hatter for Halloween- but make it your own. No matter what you’re wearing, you’ll undoubtedly draw the room’s attention with your effortless charm. 


Capricorn- Superwoman

Capricorn, you’re Superwoman all year round so why would you stop on Halloween? You’re a organized and independent leader that doesn’t neeed anybody’s validation. You come across as super serious but are undoubtedly an amazing and loyal friend. Also, you’d look amazing in a bodysuit and a cape, making you the perfect candidate for this costume. 


Aquarius- Elsa

Elsa from Frozen is the perfect Halloween costume for you, Aquarius! Your sign is known to be independent, action-focused, and a little bit puzzling to outsiders. You fight for what you believe in and you definitely have your own way of doing things. You’d definitely exude icy queen energy in a stunning, sparkly blue gown and a cape!

frozen two movie poster

Pisces- Mermaid

This one was so easy! A mermaid would make the perfect outfit for you, Pisces, as your sign is generally acknowledged to be sensitive, artistic, and romantic. You may hold the stereotypical traits of acting innocent and getting bored easily. As a water sign, this costume will perfectly match your character and make you look amazing!

Hey Everyone- call me Sam! I am a Colorado transplant and senior Exercise Science student at Georgia State. Some of my passions include traveling, birds, reality television, and rock climbing.
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