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Whether it’s your best friend, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever you want to call it, it’s always a blessing to have a close companion! 

Someone who’s always by your side even through the darkest times. Someone you can call on whenever you need to vent. Someone to ugly laugh or ugly cry with. Someone who’s just there for you no matter what. 

Sometimes when you are a person who has these certain forms of companionship, you tend to forget how much of a blessing they truly are. Nowadays it is really hard to find true genuine people with a good heart, so once you have that companion that you can call “your own” then hold on to that.

When you hold on to the beauty of a strong relationship, you’re then able to create memories like no other! But before you think that having a companion is all laughs and giggles, please take into consideration the healthy arguments that it has to take to form a certain bond. I say it is a blessing because when you are surrounded by a person for so long, you do tend to argue, but it is all about how that argument is handled in order for y’all to move on and continue the relationship, and that’s what makes it a healthy blessing! 

So, make sure to tell your best friend, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever you want to call it, that you love them and that you’ll cherish their love forever and ever! Because not everyone has the luxury to call someone their best friend.

From the “ghetto” parts of Norfolk, Virginia, to the bright and flashy lights of Atlanta, an upcoming Youtuber Jaiya Brown takes on multiple life challenges to pursue her dreams as a Television Personality. Her bubbly and blunt personality attracts viewers from all around the world to see her keep it “all the way real.” Currently, Jaiya is a senior at Georgia State University studying in Journalism with a concentration in Multimedia Reporting. Jaiya is also with the student news program on campus as an Entertainment reporter to build her reel for internships in Atlanta. Jaiyas also made multiple appearances on her High School student news and entertainment segments as well. Jaiya’s goal is to apply to multiple internship opportunities and work along with celebrities in her field, so that one day, she could see herself on the big screen near you.
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