Unpopular Music You Should Listen To

There’s nothing like finding a good song or discovering your new favorite artist! And although mainstream music is all fine and good, it can become boring to listen to after a while. In pursuit of new music, it is great to branch outside of automated song recommendations. Why not take time to browse through unfamiliar genres instead? So, to get a search going here’s a list highlighting artists from various areas within the Indie genre and some of their songs.

1. UK native, George van den Broek, is musically known as Yellow Days. At only 18 years of age, he has already established an international fan base and signed to a record label. His soulful-jazzy touch to Indie/Alternative music makes his sound very distinct among new artists his age.

How Can I Love You?  (highly recommend)

A Little While


2. Cuco, a.k.a Omar Banos, is a 19-year-old bedroom-pop artist from Hawthorne, CA. His Spanish roots, which he often features in his music, provides a way of inclusion for Hispanic listeners and a bit of diversity in the industry. One of Cuco’s most popular songs, Lover Is a Day , has officially over 1 million views and tens of millions of views from other videos.

Amor de Siempre

Lava Lamp

We Had To End It


Source: giphy.com


3. Summer Salt is a two-man band (Matt Terry and Eugene Chung) from Austin, TX. They describe their sound as “coral reef rock”- music that consists of indie pop, bossa nova and 60s pop music.

Summer Salt

Revvin’ My CJ7 (one of my favorites)

Happy Camper


Heart and My Car


4. Nicholas Rattigan is the solo artist under the name, Current Joys. He is also a part of the surf-rock band, Surf Curse- both were established in Reno, NV. Rattigan’s music can be defined as Indie Rock with elements that date back to Southern CA in the 1960s.

New Flash

A Different Age

You Broke My Heart


Source: BBC.com/news


5. The band Her’s (R.I.P) was made up of Stephen Fitzpatrick (24) and Audun Laading (25). Their music was a mix of dream-pop and indie-rock. Unfortunately, the UK based duo was on tour in the US when they, and their manager, died in a car collision. Their music will forever be cherished in the hearts of their fans.

Cool With You (beautiful song!)

Under Wraps


What Once Was

Harvey (their last recorded performance)


6. Far Caspian is another UK band. The members are Joel Johnston, Jof Cabedo, Alessio Scozarro and Nath Sayers. Their songs seem to be made in a dream-like state- the music and lyrics draw listeners into a state of adventure.

Let’s Go Outside


Between Days


7. The Canadian band known as Peach Pit consists of Peter Wilton, Christopher Vanderkooy, Mikey Pascuzzi and Neil Smith. Their groovy/indie/ bubblegum pop sound combined with nostalgic lyrics has been found appealing to many teens and young adults.

Drop The Guillotine

Tommy’s Party (a great song to chill out to)

Alrighty Aphrodite


Private Presley

Sweet FA


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Music is a beautiful thing! It draws people together and allows us to express all kinds of emotions. The great thing about music is that it is always evolving- there’s always something new to hear! If the music here didn’t appeal to you, try other genres, like neo-soul, EDM, alternative, folk and over a hundred others!