Tips for a Marie Kondo Makeover

There are so many things in this world that we hang on to because we hold emotions and memories in materialistic things, but do they all spark joy for you? Be thankful for your things and just throw them out. Be thankful for your things and just throw them out.

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An organized space will help declutter your mind and Marie Kondo, a Japanese consultant featured on Netflix, shows exactly how. Here are a few tips to help “Marie Kondo “your room:


  1. Organize things in transparent storage boxes: You can see everything without having to rummage through the box.

  2. Small with small. Big with big: Put things of the same size together, it will be easier to find your belongings instead of looking for a small top hidden behind a large coat.

  3. Keep your prized and emotional possessions where you can see them: There is no need to display dirty socks or trash while you keep your family photos hidden in a box.

  4. Get creative with the things you have: Use an old glass bottle to hold the flowers your bae got you for Valentine’s day.

  5. Don’t let things pile up: It’s so much easier to clean up a small mess every day than to let things pile up and deal with a big mess later.

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Marie Kondo has sparked a new way of thinking like a minimalist, and everyone is going nuts for her simple, yet highly effective methods. Try comparing your mind and life to your room. The more clothes and trash there is on the floor, the less you see the floor; the more thoughts and stress on your mind, the less you can focus and complete tasks.

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Organizing is an amazing way to de-stress your mind and make your bedroom or closet a place where you actually want to be. The bedroom shouldn’t be a place that you avoid because of a mess; your bedroom should be your safe place of comfort and relaxation.


Marie Kondo your life and watch how things declutter!