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The rise of video-sharing apps such as Vine and Musical.ly has transformed social media and networking in unimaginable ways. Likewise, the internet ensures that as trends come and go, new dances, memes, and catch-phrases will always be available for people to enjoy. In 2016, as millions of users said their goodbyes to Vine, TikTok debuted the very next year to take the internet by storm.


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Creators on TikTok range from singers to athletes, cosplayers to fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, and makeup artists to even dogs and cats! When a creator makes a video, usually with music, others are able to see the song’s title and the artist’s name as it scrolls along the bottom of the screen. With so many great songs out there, it’s impossible to hear every single one. The great thing is, TikTok creators are able to help artists big and small get more exposure to their music by using their songs over quirky, fun videos. Listed here are songs you may not have heard anywhere else if you didn’t hear it on TikTok.


1. Oblivion – Grimes (2012)


2. Them Changes – Thundercat (2015)


3. I Can’t Handle Change – R.O.A.R (2015)


4. Freddie Dread – Opaul (2018)


5. Chanel – Frank Ocean (Nick Leon Atmosphere Remix) (2017)


6. Beach Bunny – Prom Queen (2018)


7. Oliver Tree – Alien Boy (2018)


8. Chinese New Year – Sales (2014)


9. Don Toliver – No Idea (2019)


10. Amore Mio Aiutami – Picco Piccioni (1969)


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Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

It’s awesome if you already knew some of these songs! Everyone has different music tastes and finds songs in their own time. A great song you heard five years ago could be someone’s new favorite jam today. It doesn’t matter if you first heard a song on TikTok or not. What matters is that people are able to bond over good music! 

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