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I know that waiting for something that you want is not the easiest thing to do.

Trust me, patience is not my strong suit. But it is something that I continue to work on daily, and I feel like it has gotten better due to moments in time when I had to wait on something I prayed for or put so much effort in.

In the midst of waiting, I have learned a couple of life lessons.

  1. Waiting teaches you humility
Original photo by Victoria Solomos

If we were to get everything we wanted to be handed to us immediately without working for it, no one would be humble. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate that blessing for real. While you’re waiting, you work hard for what you want and it allows you to not feel entitled as if you do not need to work for it. You learn that life is not served on a “Silver Platter ” as they say and you get a sense of gratitude for life because you know where you once were and where you are going.

  1. Waiting teaches you perseverance 

Waiting allows you to keep striving even if you don’t get the results you want. You learn to put in the work for what you have been trying to manifest. For example, let’s say you want to get a certain job or internship. You first write down what you want, but you don’t just sit there and look at the paper and believe that you’ll get the phone call in the next five minutes. No, you apply and apply until you literally can’t apply anymore. You do research, you go to interviews, and if you get a no, you keep pushing until you get that yes. Then you realize that one “yes” was way better than all the other no’s anyways. But the main point is that you persevere through it all.

  1. Waiting teaches to slow down

This was a favorite of the lessons I learned. I am someone that is so focused on where I want to be in life that I forgot to live in the moment, now. Waiting taught me that though I am working towards what I want, I need to also focus on what’s going on around me. It taught me to stop rushing the process because once you get to where you wanted to be, you’re going to reminisce about those moments.

Waiting may not seem fun, but if you take a step back and analyze everything, you realize it’s the most crucial moment. It made me appreciate what I manifested more and showed me parts of myself I needed to work on to ensure that I don’t lose it once that blessing is in my hands. 

Just a girl trying to romanticize and appreciate everything life has to offer. Join me :)
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