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Spring Break is one of the most highly anticipated weeks for a collegiate. It’s the time where you can ditch most of your obligations for some relaxing fun in the sun. If you’re staying home for Spring Break, however, this may not be possible, but you can still make the most of your break from home.

Spring is symbolic of rebirth and growth. After being in classes this long, you could some spring cleaning environmentally, socially, mentally, and physically. Here’s how to have a refreshing and rewarding Spring Break from home so you can finish off your semester recharged.


Environmental Spring Cleaning

A clear head starts with a clear space. Create a playlist of all your favorite cleaning songs and get to work. Sing at the top of your lungs unapologetically as you dust away the dirt and grime accumulated from the last season. A clean surrounding is proven to make individuals feel better about themselves and think more clearly.


Social Spring Cleaning Watching your friends having fun on their vacation may be disheartening if you feel like you’re stuck at home. Go ahead and delete your social media profiles for the week. You don’t need to know what everyone is up to all the time. Another method of social cleansing includes dropping dead weight. A lot of times we hold on to friends who pose no benefit only because of fear of confrontation, hurting feelings, or of loneliness. Find the courage to cut those ties which discourage you and watch your life improve immediately.


Mental Spring Cleaning

Cleansing your social and physical environment has tremendous effects on your mental health. Take it a step further by shifting your vibrations through new healthy habits. Simple strategies like waking up earlier allow you to have a more productive day.  When you wake up, make a list of five daily goals. Every goal checked off is an added point for your mental wellbeing. If you find yourself bored, work on yourself. Create or update your vision board. Even the simplest thing like watching your favorite movie will put you at peace. If you struggle with maintaining positive vibrations, try the affirmation app, ThinkUp, which helps you develop a positive mindset almost instantly.



Physical Spring Cleaning

Look how you want to feel. This may take a little longer than the previous strategies, but the long-term impact is so rewarding.Use this week to start a habit of physical fitness. It can be as easy as walking around the neighborhood or as intense as signing up for fitness classes. The hardest part is starting. If you wanted to try that low calorie or vegetarian diet, Spring Break is a great time to start. After you’ve tackled that challenge, treat yourself (in a healthy way). Paint those nails, run a nice bath, or do anything that will help you glow from the outside. Reinventing yourself may take more than a week, but you can take this time to build the foundation of your new future. For example, if you want a new wardrobe, create a physical wishlist with specific prices and check off each box at your own pace.


Staying home for Spring Break does not have to feel like a prison sentence. Make the conscious decision to renew your life by spring cleaning. This way, you return to school ready to finish strong. That’s something to brags about.

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