School Survival Guide (College Edition)

Going back to school can be either one or two things—a hit or a miss. It can be overwhelming but staying organized and finding the best study spots can help prepare you for the semester ahead.

Organizing Tips

For organizing your assignments and other deadlines, your planner will be your best friend! For those who love to see their assignments in front of them on paper, it is highly suggested to get a physical planner. But for those who enjoy having alerts through your cell phone, there is an app called “Pocket Schedule” that helps organize your school schedule along with assignments, exams, daily to-do's.

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Study Spots

There are many free study spots located around campus. You can find study spots at local coffee and tea shops such as Ebrik Coffee Room (22 Park Pl SE), Starbucks (Hurt Plaza), and Kung Fu Tea (24 Park Pl NE S). There are also hidden study spots such as the study room located next to 25 Park Place and the Troy Moore Library located on the 9th floor of 25 Park Place. Both locations require PantherCard but are great places to study and focus if you prefer working in silence.

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Know Your Adviser

When struggling with your major, it is widely important to get to know your adviser and ask questions. There are countless college students that contemplate their major every day. It is important to keep a relationship with your adviser so that you have an understanding of what classes you need to take and what major may best fit your interests.