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In a world where we should behave like “this” and look like “that”, Emiere Scaife is showing us that your perception does not always match his reality. There is more than meets the eye with him! Find out more about him to see if he’s your perfect match! 


Hometown: Buffalo NY

Classification/Major: Senior Computer Information Systems

Instagram Handle: @emierescaife

Favorite Artist: Tupac, and my Brother Deon Skyers (@Viision)

Favorite Food: Any Fruit

Who was your first Valentine: My mama. I love her with all my heart!!!

Who’s your celebrity crush: ALL THE BLACK QUEENS

Three Adjectives to Describe You: Confident, Passionate, and Focused

Dream Vacation Spot: Africa

Describe your dream Valentine’s Day date: Somewhere exotic, away from society where we can get away just vibe and talk, eat some fruit, drink some tea and just observe nature for all its beauty.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be: The state of the Black Community, I want to elevate the minds of my people and alleviate the state which many of us come from. That’s my mission and purpose in life. 




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I am junior at Georgia State University, majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minoring in Marketing. I hold executive positions in two organizations on campus: Director of Public Relations for EmpowHER and Vice President of Her Campus Georgia State Chapter Outside of school, I am Director of Public Relations/Marketing of AREA, Atlanta's Resource for Entertainment and Arts; along with being a part of the professional performing ensemble at AREA. In my free time, I write for my lifestyle blog, As Told By Tay.
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