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Safety in the City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

Being a college girl in a big city like Atlanta can be a lot of fun. There is always a concert to go to, a fashion event, or a delicious restaurant to try right around the corner, and as Georgia State students, we have access to all of it. However, when you’re out in the city exploring, there are a few things to remember to practice safety while on and off campus.


1. Always keep technology secured and hidden away in your bag. GSU is known as a commuter school, and students will more than likely have laptops, iPads, tablets, etc., to bring to class. You never want to have it in your hand or tucked under your arm before getting to your destination. You never know if someone is watching you and looking to see what you have. Keep them closed up in your bag until you are in an area where it is safe to take it out.

2. No walking and texting. As much as we love our phones, it is a distraction. It’s okay to have headphones in, but try not to walk while texting, or surf social media. Looking down at your phone won’t allow you to be aware of your surroundings. If you receive a text, move off to the side to view it, or just wait until you get to your destination to reply.

3. Bring someone with you. If you’re walking back to your dorm or your apartment late at night, bring someone with you. It’s always safer to have company than to be by yourself. If all of your friends have left campus, calling the GSU Escort should always be a plan B. Not to mention, it’s free! 

4. Lock car doors and remove visible objects. For commuters who park on campus, in the parking decks, or at Turner Field, make sure nothing of value is left in your car that others can see. Place them in your trunk, glove compartment, or center console if you cannot bring it with you. Also, lock your doors as soon as you get back in your car to ensure safety.


5. Have pepper spray. According to their website, Sabre is the #1 brand for pepper spray trusted by police and corrections officers worldwide. Sabre has partnered with Her Campus to send its chapters free pepper sprays and personal alarms in this semester’s Spring Break Survival Kits. Her Campus GSU and fellow Collegiettes can have a safer experience on and off campus by having one of these on-the-go personal safety products.

It’s okay to go out and explore the city with your friends or find a new spot to study and have lunch, but it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Keep these few tips in mind and remember, “Safe is Smart”.


Ashley Drayton is an alumna of Georgia State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Since being involved with Her Campus, she was co-founder and president of the GSU chapter, former chapter advisor of 5-8 college chapters, and wrote as a national contributing writer. Her dream job/career is to become a top writer, editor, blogger.