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Summer 2018 is right around the corner, and I know most of us can’t wait until we are done and can go home and enjoy our time off. If you’ve been working so hard between school work, a job, or extracurricular activities, then I’m sure this year has been a challenging one.

If you have thoughts about giving up right before the semester ends, please don’t and push through!



Here are some things that you can keep in mind while preparing for your final exams.

I think it is always important to remember that you should take breaks while you’re studying to just unwind, which is one thing that I had to learn while I was in college. It is okay to stop studying for a couple of hours out of the day.

So if you’ve been studying since 10 a.m. take a break around 3 p.m. or finish your work for the day, and have the rest of the night to yourself to relax. I also plan out what I want to study that day and if I accomplish whatever I want to study then I have the whole day to myself.

The second thing that I suggest to do is to study with a group of friends. Most people may not like this idea, but I think studying with friends may be better.

Unlike studying by yourself, you can have direct communication with another person about a question you may have at that moment, instead of you picking up your phone or searching on your computer about a question you may have and then getting distracted by social media.



Another tip I always do for finals is try not to study too much material for a small amount of time.

Obviously, we know that cramming is not a good idea, but if you find yourself studying for an exam last minute, ask your teacher if they could tell you what majority of the test may be on.

If the teacher tells you what the test should mostly be on, I advise you to study that section more rather than cramming a bunch of topics in one or two nights.

My last tip is to study in a creative way.

Depending on what class you are taking, studying creatively helps me retain information better. So if that means making flash cards and color coding them, or creating a highlighter key to organize your notes, go for it! The more you retain is always better.

I hope some of these tips will help you for finals. Start your summer break off right by acing all of your final exams! Good Luck!



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Courtney Jackson is a student at Georgia State University, where she is studying journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in Spanish. Jackson is currently a staff reporter for HerCampus online magazine, and she was formerly a staff reporter for Georgia State’s newspaper, The Signal. She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Her goal is to find an internship that will allow her to utilize skills that she will need in her print journalism career. When she isn’t busy studying or writing stories, she loves to go to fashion events and watch Scandal.
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