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Nine European American Rap Songs That Will Make You Say “Damn, That White Boy Can Rap!”

There are some surprisingly good rap songs by white guys that aren’t Eminem. This list details nine songs from a diverse array of white boy rappers such as Yung Gravy, Jack Harlow, and up-and-coming “rapper” (giggle) The Kid Laroi.

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Number 1: “Mr. Clean” by Yung Gravy

The most popular song from Yung Gravy’s classic 2016 album “Snow Cougar” is by far “Mr. Clean.” Gravy freshens up his rap persona, comparing himself to a variety of household cleaning products: Colgate, and Windex among them. A sanitary foul-mouthed rap, “Mr. Clean” brings the lyrical heat that can only come from Minnesota’s own Matthew Raymond Hauri. “There’s no clean like Mr. Clean.” 🧼

♫ Gravy, he be clean like Windex, ♫

♫ Just hit your mom with my index ♫

– Yung Gravy, “Mr. Clean”

Number 2: “Pemex” by Shakewell and Fat Nick

Oh my god I love this song. As a 17-year-old college sophomore girl, the first time I heard “Pemex” I related immensely to the hard-hitting, bass-thumping track by trapper-rappers Shakewell and Fat Nick. The two artists’ collaboration was actually so dope I considered buying their merch; which is like, the highest honor I can bestow upon an artist. I didn’t though, I’m broke as s***. I still highly recommend listening to the song and watching the song’s weird-ass music video as well.

Number 3: “SUNDOWN” by Jack Harlow

It turns out, Jack Harlow is more than that white dude that made “What’s Poppin” and spat that actually-kind-of-misogynistic verse on Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” track. He can rap! And quite well! The first song I heard by Harlow, “SUNDOWN” struck me as an example of bonafide white man talent. It’s so catchy I went to Genius.com to find out what the hell Sundown is. It’s LSD, by the way. Please give it a listen.

Number 4: “Diva” by The Kid Laroi ft. Lil Tecca

Technically, I’ve only ever listened to two songs by The Kid Laroi, and one was against my will (it was in a Tik Tok). “Diva”, however, is the song I listened to willfully and with joy. The Kid Laroi is an artist I would have never thought I’d find catchy, but here we are. If that doesn’t convince you to give it a listen, the track features rapper Lil Tecca actually using a unique flow for once. “Diva” is a catchy track with “solid B- in English class” lyrics. So, pretty fly for a white guy. Play That Funky Music, Kid Laroi. 

Number 5: “5 shots” by gianni & kyle

gianni & kyle, purposefully spelled lowercase, are an objectively white duo who made a really, really catchy song. Lyrically simplistic, but aggressively tuneful, I love this song. I listened to it arguably more than 200 times between 2019 and 2020 alone. “5 shots” is the musical equivalent of Double Bubble bubble gum. Yeah, it only lasts for like 3:01 minutes, yet you can’t help but keep shoving the sticky-sweet gum in your mouth. Likewise when you listen to this song. 

Number 6: “Gang Sh*t” by Dotcom ft. Lil Toe

Although technically Lil Toe’s identity is unknown, Dotcom (aka Marshmello) is white and that’s good enough for me. “Gang Sh*t” is my go-to morning shower hype song for when I have a long day ahead of me. There’s something about Lil Toe screaming “gang sh*t” with EDM-type beats in the background that gives my ears motivation to get through the day. Better, sometimes I put the song on constant repeat just so I can get ready faster and turn it off! It gets really annoying after the 4th play.

♫ Lil Toe, Dotcom, that’s some gang sh*t

I can’t hear what you’re sayin’

Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it ♫

– Lil Toe’s verse on “Gang Sh*t” by Doctom

Number 7: “With Ease” by Billy Marchiafava ft. bbno$ and ANH

Hey, it turns out bbno$ can collaborate with someone who’s not Yung Gravy (I still love Baby Gravy, of course). “With Ease” is one of those songs that you love simply because it has good vibes and you can play it in the background. For instance, I will probably never memorize the lyrics, but “With Ease” will for sure make it into my next party’s playlist.

Number 8: “Sittin Sidewayz” by Paul Wall ft. Big Pokey

This song is a throwback to the sample-heavy hip hop of the mid-2000s. This 2005 classic is one of the more slowed-down tracks in this list, but the quality has no correlation with its tempo. I really appreciate this track by Paul Wall, especially because back in the day, Wall had to try a little harder than the average white rapper to make it on the rap scene. I mean, the guy’s discography includes features such as Jermaine Dupri, Three 6 Mafia, and Mike Jones, the preeminent hip hop artists of 2005. God, what a time.

Number 9: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

C’mon. This one’s self-explanatory. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rap is an extremely diverse genre, and it’s technically fair game for anyone, even white men, to break into the scene. I chose to highlight the white male in order to help readers sift through the ocean of wannabe white boy rappers, and spotlight actually talented European American rapper guys. They’re an endangered species, after all.

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