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Here’s How to Have an Awesome Spring Break Without Leaving Home

Spring break is quickly approaching, and you still have nothing planned! After finishing mid-term exams and submitting papers, you may have decided to forego a trip to the beach with your girls and stay at home.

So, what will become of your vacation? Or should I say “staycation”? If you are a homebody (like me), or just want to avoid spending money on a trip, there are plenty of things to do for every mood you may have during the break. Here’s a list of activities for each day of the week tailored to fit your mood:


Monday (Tired or stressed): By this time, a full weekend has passed. And if you’re still unable to relax, take a crack at these stress relievers to jump-start the worry-free week!

  1. Sleep all day long!

  2. Meditate.

  3. Watch a video about animals. (Take a look at some beautiful aquatic life!)

  4. Have a spa day.


Tuesday (Adventurous): Hopefully Monday helped you refresh and recharge. Now it’s time to do something spontaneous!

  1. Try something new! (A new hairstyle, makeup look, yoga pose, anything!)

  2. Throw some herbs and spices together with food from the fridge/pantry.

  3. Listen to a different genre of music. (Spotify has a variety of genres & moods.)

  4. Make an online friend.


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    Wednesday (Creative): Do some of the following to get spring-inspired dècor!

  1. Press flowers

  2. Draw, doodle, paint, write poetry or a song.

  3. Have a random photo shoot and share pictures with your friends.

  4. Find random things around the house for d.i.y projects.


Thursday (Tied to School): Sometimes it feels like you can leave school, but school can never leave you.

  1. Watch a few documentaries. (Travel back in time or learn more about life in the 21st century.)

  2. Catch up on notes you’ve missed.

  3. Prepare for next week’s lectures.


Source: pexels.com


Friday (Mellow): The week is winding down, and before you know it, you’ll be hearing the alarm for school again. So just chill and get absorbed into something that piques your interest.

  1. Dive into a new book.

  2. Listen to some podcasts.

  3. Go online and look at some abstract art; you might get inspired!


Saturday (Nostalgic): When was the last time you went down memory lane?

  1. Call some relatives!

  2. Write a letter to a friend.

  3. Look through photo albums.

  4. Listen to some throwbacks.


Sunday (Disoriented): So, today’s the last day of spring break, and there’s this sudden feeling that everything is off-balance...here's how to fix that~

  1. Remove old files from your device(s)

  2. Organize some music playlists

  3. Rearrange the furniture in your room.

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As you can see, you can have an eventful spring break, never leave home, and save money while doing it! These nine days away from school are chances to pick up a new skill, discover your new favorite song/artist, or just get some rest. So if you can’t make it to the beach this time around, this list will ensure that your “staycation” is far from boring!

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