Here’s How Cengage Unlimited is Becoming a Gamechanger for Students Everywhere

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Back to school means more of being in the books, getting used to those tedious syllabi, crafting the perfect study guide and of course figuring out the best way to get access to your reading materials on time. What if I told you that our hopes and dreams to have unlimited textbooks and reading material has officially come true? You probably would not believe me.

Do you remember Cengage Learning? Many of us knew about Cengage Learning years ago, as it is a publisher and platform used for engaging students and providing materials for different classrooms in more places than you can count.

Recently, the company has made a few changes including creating a enw program where college student will have the chance to flourish in the classroom and in your wallet. They started by editing its public name, by dropping “Learning” and adding “Unlimited” to its hefty list of accolades as its new face takes shape. Cengage Unlimited is the company’s newest source to keep college students not only engaged, but well under budget when books orders become more than what scholarships and financial aid can cover. 


The name Unlimited, means exactly that.

Through the Cengage Unlimited platform, students have more than 20,000 options to choose from that include more than 675 courses found in many of the campuses we step foot on daily. Talk about this not being your average library! 

So why wait until now to create a system for students to efficiently search and use books? That answer varies, but the main reasoning can be that creating a vibrant and diverse category of textbooks is something that is not done overnight. Using this platform is a plus not only because of the wide library but because financially, it is a great option.

For our financially fit students or to those who do not savvy the thought of purchasing one book for $300, the 4-month subscription of $199, one-year subscription of $179 or the two-year subscription of $239 may easily settle your mind and wallets. On average, we attend 4 classes per semester with book costs totaling to around $500 per term and that is not including summer school classes. 


I know that you are clutching your wallet…

Statistically, college students make just enough to purchase the groceries, pay the tuition and have a night out if able. Sometimes, we find ourselves borrowing books from a classmate that may not always pick up the phone for that emergency online test.

Understanding how much books can cost will make you think twice before heading into the university bookstore and will make your search online more tedious than ever. When searching, you will find the more affordable option and find yourself on Cengage Unlimited, figuring out what’s next. Do not be that person to close the browser window just yet! Cengage Learning is not your freshmen year lesson plan! Instead, stay on the page, read the benefits and weigh your options. Who knows, you may come out on top.


To learn more about Cengage Unlimited, how you can sign up and its collection of text books visit the website now. 

Happy learning!