Georgia Gas Crisis Hitting Atlanta

Within this past week, the Southeast went into mass hysteria after a gas pipe leaked causing a regional gas shortage.

Located in Shelby County, Alabama, a section of the Colonial Pipeline closed September 9 after approximately 250,000 gallons leaked out of the pipes, said CNN Money.

This particular section of the pipeline provides the gas for Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. With the shortage of gas comes an increase in gas prices, a simple Supply-and-Demand equation.

Many gas stations went dry seemingly overnight. CNN Money reported that gas prices soared nearly a whole quarter per gallon as people raced to the pumps to catch the last final drops of gas.

The Shell Gas Station across from University Commons fell victim to the gas crisis, and was out of gas momentarily last week.

With Georgia State being a large commuter school, students began to face an extra obstacle when getting to campus.

Georgia State commuter, Mallory Knowles, expressed her concern to Her Campus GSU:

“I commute from Cumming, so gas goes quickly. I had to go to ten different gas stations, and when there was gas, it was an absurd amount of money!”

While Georgia State’s campus gas station seems to have recovered from the shortage, keep searching your couch cushions for change- gas prices all around the Atlanta area are still increasingly high at roughly $2.79 per gallon.