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Growing up with siblings, I never had that chance of privacy, and even in my relationships, we were inseparable r. Now that I am single and living on my own, I can begin to appreciate my own company. Activities I previously had to compromise over, like choosing what shows to watch or what food to eat, are now completely up to me.


Living alone has its perks, but loneliness can begin to creep in. Sometimes you can start to feel blue and feel like there is no one to share your thoughts and feelings with. I’ve come across this many times, and it’s easy to slip into isolation and dig a deep hole into depression.


If you are living alone and you feel alone, Here’s what I did to overcome loneliness.  

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Invite Someone or Entertain More

The simplest solution is to invite your friends. Don’t shut yourself from the world because it can lead to you feeling trapped and isolated in your home. It won’t help with the loneliness. Come up with events such as game night, study night, movies, or my personal favorite: girl’s night. Get some games, wine, and your best friends in your pj’s and have fun. If you are someone that doesn’t like too many people, then just invite one friend over just to chill and talk. 

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Get Out of the House Every Now and Then

Sometimes leaving your space for a bit is all you need to realize you really aren’t trapped or isolated. Try going to the park and walk, read, or enjoy a picnic. Enjoy life as much as you can and being out or around people can make you feel so much better.

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Spice Up Your Routine

This rule worked out tremendously for me because I realized when I was getting lonely, every day started to feel the same. In the mornings, open up your blinds and let the sun in to just take a moment to embrace the day ahead. Try a gratitude journal and write down what you’re grateful for every morning. Go on Pinterest and look up new recipes for breakfast or dinner, and recipes that are not only delicious but totally Instagram story-worthy. Start a new book and practice yoga. Spice up your daily life by incorporating fun and enriching things to occupy your time. 


If you find new ways to help enjoy your own company, share them with others because loneliness is something that affects us all at some point. Know that you’re never really alone. You just have to switch things up!


My name is Rodjinie and I am from Haiti. I am a Georgia State University student studying Interior Architecture and one day hoping to get my Masters in Architecture.
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