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Eris “EJAY” Mackey ’16

Ladies! You might have seen this cutie around campus, or probably at the gym. However, Her Campus GSU got to know the man behind the muscle!

Name: Eris Mackey

Age: 20

Birthday: 4/8/1994

Zodiac: Aries

Class: Junior

Major: film

Hometown: Nebraska

What are some of your hobbies?

“I can draw a little bit so I like to do that and I work out and I play basketball sometimes.”

Who is your celebrity crush?

“Lisa Raye”

You’re single. Are you looking for someone?

“Not necessarily. I’m really just focusing on work and school.”

If you were looking, what would you look for in a girl?

“I like a girl that’s chill, I don’t really like nagging.  A girl who is going to trust me like I would trust her. I’m not going to go looking for things so I would want the same respect.”

What are your turnoffs?

“Being overly stuck up. I like confidence but not when it gets to a point of arrogance.”


“A girl who is ambitious. If she is constantly working on her dreams and goals, it inspires me to do the same. Oh and she has to love movies!”

What would be your perfect date?

“A date that is memorable. It doesn’t really matter what we do if it’s not memorable. It’s all about the vibes. There has to be something there that’s going to keep me interested.”

Describe yourself in five words or less

“Reserved but willing to explore”

What are five random things about yourself

“I give everybody a nickname,

I used to work in retail so I have a habit of folding everything,

I’m scared of the ocean,

I’m a little scared to have kids because I think I might have twins,    

I wish i could sing.”                

What inspires you?

”Seeing my mom get up every day and go to work so I can live my dream. It makes me want to work even harder, so she doesn’t have to.”


Brianne Hill is a junior at Georgia State University. she is a film major, theatre minor. she is an actress, stylist and fashion blogger
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