Donte Maurice: Envisioning His Future while Inspiring Others

From being the main photographer called on for all the events that occur at Georgia State, to being featured on Moschino's Instagram, GSU sophomore Donte Maurice is one to watch, and his work is sure to trigger some #feels.

The 21 year old has already bred up some amazingly captivating photos that are so multidimensional that it is only a matter of time until he is recognized as one of fashion's most notable photographers. His photos manifest the look of 90's Vogue with a mixture of modern Atlanta, and more and more people are starting to take notice. Not only does his work prove his talent, but his eagerness, determination and positivity towards life is just as impressive and is inevitable to inspire us all. Feeling inspired myself, I was curious to find out what invigorates this outstanding young man to produce such gracefully, polished, and amazing photos.  Read on to see how my conversation with Mr. Maurice went about how he is smoothly taking Atlanta by a storm. 

DISCLAIMER: All photography included is by Donte himself (Yeah, get excited!)


How long have you been doing photography?

I started on June 30th 2013, so about a little over 2 years.

What would you say has helped you develop your skills the most?

Studying my craft in and out helped out a lot. Of course I don’t go to an art school because they’re super expensive, so I had to take the initiative and go in to researching and practicing everything myself. I knew that I wanted to be in magazines, so I just studied those.

Where do you eventually see yourself? (Career wise, location..etc)

I see myself everywhere. I believe photography will be able to take me places I’ve always dreamed of going and take me on adventures I’ve always dreamed of doing.


What would you say is your favorite photographing experience?

Photographing the Clermont Twins has to be my favorite, and mostly because everything was against me at that time. It was late, I was extremely sick, but I knew that I couldn’t miss that opportunity. Once that happened everything surprisingly exploded. The photo got picked up by Moschino, and other very popular blogs. It was pretty awesome.

What is the best part about your work?

The best part about my work is getting to meet and network with people who are great at what they do.


What is the best advice you have been given and has it impacted you in any way, shape or form?

“Be patient” and I take that into everything that I do because not many things will develop over night, but also some things will. Patience helps you to not stay anxious about opportunities and situation you can’t control.

If you could photograph any model you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be?

Ah man! I would love to photograph Imaan Hammam and Lucky Blue.


What do you think about Atlanta's growing entertainment business?

Atlanta’s potential is growing and growing and I’m extremely proud of it. The work that the creative and music scene has been putting in for so long is finally getting noticed.


If you could give advice to yourself as a freshman in high school, what would you say?

Keep doing what you’re doing man. Don’t worry about your future, because you’re set.



If you could be any movie or cartoon character, who would you be?

I want to be Bruce Lee, that’s a legend right there!


Do you believe in horoscopes? What is your sign?

Not really but they’re really entertaining to read! I’m a Libra.


Would you rather stay in and watch Netflix or go to an actual theater?

Leave me in the house with Netflix, I’ll be good!


Chipotle, Willies, or Moe's?

Most definitely Chipotle!


If you were stranded on an island, what musician would you want to be stuck with you?

The beautiful Justine Skye!

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